Cucumber Face Mist

Cucumber Face Mist

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Cucumber Face Mist


A 100% organic alcohol-free toner that delivers powerful antioxidants & astringents to tighten up pores & prepare skin for moisturizing. Delivers botanical hydration to skin before it gets locked in by a moisturizer.  A hydrating mist that quenches skin with an instant energizing lift.


Cucumber hydrosol is a crisp & refreshing facial mist that soothes and cools skin. Cucumbers have been used to reduce puffiness & swelling.

Producing hydrosol is part of the essential oil distillation process. Water & steam are pushed around & through the plant material, which captures the steam and essential oil. The two are separated out later on, which results in the production of pure hydrosol – a nice-smelling, multi-purpose water with all of the properties of the plant it has been extracted from.

Neroli  Essential oil intensely moisturises the skin & boosts the natural process of cell regeneration.


Infused with Moonstone crystals for new beginnings


2 oz bottle



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