Poplar Street Farmers Market

Thinking about becoming a vendor at Poplar Street Market?

We would love to have you!
Please include descriptions of your product below.
We are looking to give small business food purveyors and local farmers a permanent place to call home. Vendors are not required to be present to sell as we are a fully staffed team. You’ll also be giving your customers traditional store hours to shop.
Here is what we are looking for: Meat, Cheeses, Produce, Baked Goods, Preserves, Artisan Foods, Dried and Fresh Flowers, Ready Bake Goods, etc. Just ask if you have something else that may be of interest.
Spaces require First Month’s Rent and Last Month’s Rent to secure the space.
All items must be of top quality for our customers and community. Your products must meet local, state, and federal regulations. Inspections and licensures will be kept on file and are required.
Pricing starts at $25 per shelf for shelf stable items, $35 for refrigerator and freezer items and $50 per produce stand per month.  6% is charged for credit and debit card transactions and $5 a month for POS system access which shows your sales in real time.

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